I am an Artist/Craftsman/Maker living in the NYC area currently accepting commissions for drawings, sculptures, and jewelry.  In 2013 I received a BFA from East Carolina University.  Please explore this site, and e-mail me with any questions you have about my work.

Instagram-  @lukeivyprice

Email-  lukeivyprice@gmail.com

Phone-  (252) 217-2825

     Interacting with diverse materials is the most rewarding part of the creative process for me, and it drives my work.  The intended result of any of my pieces is to create a unique experience for the viewer.  By sparking a conversation or attracting a viewer's gaze for a moment, I hope to provide the same break from the mundane that I experienced while creating the piece.

     I grew up in North Carolina on the banks of the Roanoke river in an area known locally as "The Islands."  My parents' house is surrounded by a sprawling network of pine ridges, fields, and swampy hollers.  The landscape is flat and sparsely populated with dilapidated tobacco barns, wire hog-fences, and occasionally even a house.  It is common to cross paths with whitetail deer, black bears, cottonmouths, turkeys, coyotes, foxes, quail, snapping turtles, possums, raccoons, hunting dogs, and other critters.

     "The Islands" creates people that are resourceful and capable like my parents and grandparents.  In his youth, my maternal grandfather logged cypress trees with oxen, farmed the land with a shared community mule, and hunted for sustenance with a single-shot .22 rifle. 

     As I was growing up people around me re-upholstered their own couches, felled trees and sawed them into boards, welded boat trailers, tore down barns, and built new ones to replace them.

     Participating in these activities taught me to think creatively and create things with my own hands.  Although the resulting objects are different from those that I learned to make back in "The Islands," the working processes are much the same.  Those skills remain a vital resource for my art-making.

2015  -Create Adorn Exhibit Delurk gallery

2015  -MCAC Annual Juried Art Show - Best in Martin County

2015  -MCAC  JAS - 1st place Jewelry

2015  -MCAC  JAS - 3rd place Watercolor

2015  -Emerge Gallery Schwa show - 2nd place

2015  -ECU Metals Symposium Participant Exhibition

2015  -Maria V. Howard Art Center Handcrafted

2015  -The Art Room Greenville NC  Influence exhibition

2015  -Martin County Arts Council Annual Craft Show

2014  -Martin County Arts Council Sculpture exhibition

2014  -Maria V. Howard Art Center Handcrafted

2013  -Greenville Museum of Art Juried Art Show

2013  -Maria V. Howard Art Center Juried Art Show - 3rd place

2013  -Bachelor of Fine Art Degree ECU

2012  -ECU Undergraduate Exhibition - Merit in Textiles Award

2011  -Summer Teaching Assistant at Baylor University Texas

2011  -(Full Ride) Education Partners Scholarship - Penland School of Crafts

2011  -Rebel Competition - 1st place wood design

2010  -ECU Undergraduate Exhibition - Merit in Printmaking

2010  -Maria V. Howard Art Center indoor Sculpture Salmagundi

2010  -Rebel Competition - 2nd place and HM for wood design

2009  -ECU Undergraduate Exhibition - Excellence in Foundations